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Hmmm I don't like how dark this webpage feels, it also feels like this is ransomware. Prove it otherwise,

also this model takes a Finnneeee time to load

Can you make 512 by 512 images with a 4gb of vram?

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Very Nice, I wouldn't recommend it tho, If you make an image with less than 512 by 512 res, it will look ugly, and not very detailed,

Thanks Soo much it helps a lot, would you recommend any of those free daw's? I wouldn't know :)

Hello I can't install this in the first place, I'm on windows and all I have is a vst3 file what do I do with that?

This is a scratch game clone and your a fake

lol there isn't a unity 2 there's only different version of unity

hey sooo what do you use these days?

was this made in rpg paper maker?

hey I remember your game witch, I still love it to this day, currently I make games in unreal engine and gamemaker studio 2

noice,  I saw your youtube, thats why I'm here, But Great