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A member registered Feb 21, 2017

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Hey HugeRobot! I really like the system you have provided and I have a couple of suggestions:

1) allow for some horizontal head movement to be applied to walking. I don't tend to move my head much vertically which means even at max sensitivity I am having to bounce awkwardly to walk, its not an issue for jogging and running, just walking.

2) I think this is a bug: whenever I am pulling myself over something, if I look down at my feet while I bring the surface to my feet, I end up teleported many yards in the air, not sure why. Does not happen if I do the same thing looking forward.

3) allow for some griping of terrain at an angle. In the mountain level I tried climbing a hill, but because it was too steep and the terrain would not allow me to grab it, I was unable to

Thanks for all the hard work! I am really enjoying this demo! Whenever the system is complete will it be made available for developers to use? And if so will it be ported to Unity or just Unreal? Thanks again!