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AMAZING GAME i think you should play it if you have not. it even has a pause function just dont hit escape in the pause menu :< so many newb devs its unreal. itch sucks!

so i finally managed to keep the game running by killing my own units. eventually the game becomes a complete incoherent mess though. mobs will eventually aggro. it start off fun and entertaining and quickly becomes very frustrating. eventually you can nolonger necromance and are forced to fight many different battles to get one new spread out unit of troops. over half this unit dies when you necromance. one star, no donation. terrible game. pro tip make the units stick together and dont put all the the groups in the middle to be an unfair asshole XD just because i get to the end of the game does not mean u have to make it unbeatable.

it crashes, also if you push escape it just closes. on the verge of uninstalling definetly not donating until its fixed. we want to see a pause menu for the player. and no crashes.

finally get it working and it just crashes, no keybinding options, no saves. one star no donation.

i cannot get the game to run it requests to set up c++ then just does nothing, opens a window that says uninstall or close thats it...

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i will grant feedback because you ask for comments, i see no save function so i will check it out. if i like it and it has a save function i will tip. brb with feedback content

i play it. i farmed 200 wood and the tree did not fall down. lol destructable and sustainable environment is #1 objective with survival games. also change coal to charcoal because you cannot find coal on an island very easily. however you can make charcoal with fire. its almost the same but burns less. the game just needs alot of work. take stranded 2 for example, it is a very similar and complete game. follow its example.