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Wow this game was so unexpected. I didn't really know what I was getting into when I downloaded this but I was so pleasantly surprised.

That was absolutely incredible. It's hard to pick a favorite among your work but this is one of them for me. The ending was so good, too. I got home from work and was browsing itch and saw you put a new game up and got so excited. Excellent work, as always. 

What a fun little game. Good work :)

The game itself was pretty decent but the writing/dialogue was painful.

I'm a huge fan of the Faith games so I decided to check this out to tide me over til Faith 3 and I wasn't disappointed. Really outstanding work, as always. I'm going to check out the movie now!

I started by playing Midnight Scenes 1 and 2-was really impressed with both. I noticed from the first game to the second you improved much (although the first game was already really really good). Playing this game last I was completely blown away by your craftsmanship. You are really talented and I look forward to your future projects. I'll definitely be subscribing on Patreon and following what you do in the future.  

I didn't think you could top the first Midnight Scenes but I was wrong. Once again, very well done!

I absolutely loved this game. Great work! I'm about to play the rest of your stuff now. :)))