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Que divertido eso de tirar las almohadas, y lo desesperante de no encontrar una aportaba al terror. Que buena ambientacion la verdad, te pasaste, me senti como en el primer Doom pero con miedo.

This is beautiful. Thanks!

Great game! :D

Lvl 24 can be beaten with one less CTRL

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Yeah, at lvl 6 I got him to go to the bottom coin by bashing him just after catching the first coin. Great game! That last level was tough, almost drop it but it was so rewarding! Replayed the levels and the familiarity with the mechanics made everything easier, the learning process is smooth and rewarding. Great game, my favourite so far!

At level 5 I made him grab the top coin and then walk back to the first coin. For me it was the easy way to do it hahaha that's interesting

The first instruction on page 18 made laugh as I felt tricked. Of all the other 'bonuses' that one was the only one independent from me, it was set in stone from the day I was born. 

Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely

Amazing!  Can't wait! Hopefully we get some patches and we don't have to wait until a v 2.0 :c Do you guys have a Tw account?