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You can email me for the steam key if you want.

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Actually, I made free games first before I made commercial games. Phantom Seeds was made before X-note. It was my first try of creating a VN without any gameplay.

Glad you enjoyed it, and yes, please look forward to Final Frame. I'm working really hard on it!

You can email me at with proof of purchase (email you used to buy the game), and I will give you the steam key.

One playthrough is around 3 hours. There are 4 endings and a side story. It probably takes around 5-7 hours to complete the whole game. (estimation depending on reading speed)

I have uploaded the version that can be played in Mac. Just to be safe, I recommend trying the demo first to see if the game is playable in your computer before buying.

Thank you! I'm planning to post all my games in Itchio, but it will take some time since I'm a bit too busy now. ^^;

I'm a bit confused by the question. Are you asking about how to make the game, or are you asking for a walkthrough?

If it's the former, I used a software called Flash MX. It's not particularly user-friendly. I would recommend you Ren'py instead.

If it's the latter, the walkthrough of the game is available on my site:

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Rexus is available only for its sister series, Area-X. And yes, the game is available oin Steam.

P.S: Sorry for the super late reply. I rarely checked Itchio until recently.

Technically the game is a browser game made with Flash. As long as your Linux can play Flash, then the game is playable. As for the demo, I will update it with the browser version, so you can give it a try. Hope it works out for you.