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A member registered Feb 17, 2022

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REALLY wanna play this but alas, the moving scenes are too much for my old laptop and its ridiculously laggy. very sad

Ahhhhh got ya! Cheers

now skill points arent even showing up at all. I worked to earn charisma and it still says 0

maybe I have a bug, whenever I earn skill points they disappear the next day and all my skills reset to 0, my appeal is stuck at 20 as well and wont alter

man that april fools prank is NOT funny xD

woop woop! glad you won the legal battle!

have you explored all areas of the market? By the bar, in the park etc? Fara is usually on the main street carrying a bag of shopping

btw anyone know of any other games a bit like this with the mystical fantasy theme? Ive played this obviously, played corrupted kingdoms, champion of realms, lessons in love (which I find way too overcomplicated), School of love: clubs… anyone know of any other ren’py games with a story and animated scenes? 

strange people, I was genuinely asking if it was still active as yeah I had seen the last update was a fair while ago, ya dunno unless you ask 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

and someone actually gave me a negative for asking a question? What a tool 😂

looking at the updates I guess this game is no longer being made?

so stuck... the world is broken... cant call.. visited all places.... still nothing

are the updates weekly or monthly?

Ive hugged Ami a lot more than 4 times but nothing happens? is something supposed to trigger? I hugged her a few times in 1 day and also hugged her across multiple days