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Awesome! Cheers for that. I hadn't seen that system before, it's quite handy.

Love it! Any suggestions for how much xp to reward for slaying monsters? I have always struggled with that.

Also there looks to be an extra "a" in "Unaarmed" under Weapons. Although this may refer to being armed with an "Una" which I am totes cool with.

Yeah it is great! A lot of what I read is about using minimal rules and I never thought of building up the rules from scratch as you played.

This just blew my mind. You have turned my understanding of how an rpg can be played completely on its head! No joke.

Heya just wanted to let you know I can't open this on MacOS Catalina. I attempted the work around where I right click and select open, get rejected but then go to System preferences and in Security and Privacy it sometimes gives me an option to run anyway. That option didn't come up this time. Looks intriguing and look forward to potentially playing it!