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zeemon game breaker

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I won vs my brother a second time when I went over the giant coin in top left corner and hid behind it.     :) 

This game is fun to play if the you play it so that the person trying to find you has to look away for 10 seconds so that  all the people have rendered in.

also i won vs my brother because you can go off the screen entirely from the bottom left corner.  

score 229

so did u beat this game yet

score 143

I got 123 on my second try. get to my level.

That is true hitboxes are than the spikes

hit enter

hit enter

I beat the game but whats the 80 on the  bottom left corner mean on the end screen

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I found more you can get the the key through the wall 1:07 on my video i but i couldn't manage to do it during the video.

Your welcome. I really liked the game you made and look forward to playing more of your games. :)

My favorite blackthornprod game is the mario madness its fun and challenging and I even had fun killing the princess many times seeing how many times i could kill the princess before i die.

my speed run of this game (there is room for improvement)

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this is a really good game i even  made a video of me speed running it from start to finish in 1:46

(menu screen to when words freedom appear and turn into black) 

When i played i made to the end first thing before the ghost thing blocked my path without dieing and thier was no way to go behind him u cant go down  the hole

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I really liked the game because its very challenging but i dont really like the starting of the end of the game becuase its just has me randomly having to jump hoping to get lucky and not land on the circle things when i jump other than that its a great game