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I'm having the same issue on Chrome :/

Hey sorry for the late reply (haven't been on Itch in months lol) but thanks!


Very cryptic! What do the runes say in the part with the crucified figure?

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Very powerful game! Reminded me of this.

"It looks like some sort of fertility idol"

...Is that what I think it is? lol

Thank you! It is indeed. They're quotes from the Liber Linteus.

I'd like to play it too, but unfortunately the downloadable file doesn't work for Mac :(

So cute!


Haha thanks for playing it and making a video about it! I'm glad you liked the ending so much.

Excellent aesthetic! One bit of constructive criticism I have though is that it's sometimes difficult to figure out where you have to go to access the next page of the story.

The visuals complement the story very well, I really felt like I was experiencing it as it was being told. The story itself is cool too, very dreamlike. Well done!

I love the idea of a "Bitsy film"! This is definitely one of the longest Bitsy games I've played.

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Very mysterious! I feel like there's some symbolism here, some deeper narrative. The person in the spiral maze is especially haunting. I'm so curious about what it all means.

Great video! Thank you for playing, I really appreciate the exposure. I see you've discovered one of the endings. ;)