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It would be cool to be able to snap to other shapes when dragging.

Steps to reproduce: Drag out a chest, resize it smaller. You will notice the overlaying shapes will get out of alignment.

Hopefully I have explained this right. Also I'm using the demo version. I haven't had the money to purchase yet.

Yep new version has it. thanks!

hmm I don't seem to have that setting. I think there is a new build out. I'll try upgrading.

Any way to make GMEdit prompt before reloading a file with changes? In my case if im using GMEdit, im not using anything else to make changes to the files. If something does, id like to tell GMEdit not to reload changes so I can re-save the current file. I just saw something about enabling version control to help prevent things being overwritten and im going to try doing that however having GMEdit prompt before reloading would really help.

That did it. thanks!

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Getting this error message. Any idea why? works fine without GMLive.

[live][5:39:09 PM] Error in menu_navigate:
[live][5:39:09 PM] menu_navigate[L20,c34] Accessor not supported

Code is something like:

/// menu_navigate(_menu)
#args _menu

if (live_call(argument0)) {
    return live_result;

_menu[? "current_menu_item"] = 1

pretty cool. well done.

QaziJam6 community · Created a new topic First Topic!

Looking forward to the jam on MegaStorm Games!