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Zee Tee

A member registered Nov 17, 2018

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Sorry to hear things aren't great.  It might sound trite, but trying to stay positive and focusing on getting through it might be the best route.  Hope things improve for you!

Sorry to hear about your loss.  Best wishes, and hope things improve!

Thanks for the work you do!

Hope it makes some profit on steam!  Thanks for your work!

Just played through the update.  Wow, a lot dropped!  It's been a while, so I need to go through the whole thing from the beginning again to refresh.  Thanks so much for the update!

Just got around to playing this update.  Although I don't fully understand what's happening at this point, I've had theories about what the big premise will be(especially in relation to the title) since relatively early on, and this update backs a lot of that up.  Thanks for posting, and can't wait to see where things go!

Shit happens, thanks for trying.  Hope things improve for you.

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Same device, original download just has infinite white screen but redownload also has infinite whitescreen.

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For some reason the downloaded version doesnt work anymore.  Just opens to a black white screen titled "tyranogame" forever.

Take your time!

Take a break!  Rest and rejuvenate!

Thanks for the update!  Look after yourself, health is imoprtant!

Oh, this isn't dead!  Looks incredibly polished so far, thanks for the work on it!  Can't wait to see how things progress!

Thanks for the update!  Also, just as a suggestion, perhaps consider making the characters dialogue boxes different colors.  Currently they are all red, which works, but having them unique might be nice.

Just played through it.  I love every single bit of this story.  The dialogue, the characters, the hint at some weird fucking conspiracy bs.  Thank you so much for your work on this VN.

Also, I've been guessing time travel since I first played version 0.6.

Interesting insight

Thank you for all of your efforts on this, they are appreciated.

Very nice to see the trumpet squirrels in all their glory!

Just played through it!  Amazing experience!  It all really came together in the end...

This shit really hurts the little guy, best of luck man.  I worry it will get worse before it gets better.

Just played through the available tiger route.  Very nice so far, I love tigers personality, thank you for working on this project.  Looking forward for what's to come!

There were a few things I noticed.  I think some of them were just unfinished assets instead of bugs, but I figured I'd note them anyway just as feedback.

After entering arena after getting past the gorilla, the error message "Image 'gimnasio_noche' not found." appeared and the background was black until entering the locker room.

When Buld and Mantar were supposed to be on screen, the error messages "Image 'buld' not found." and "Image 'mantar' not found." appeared.

After the nightmare, there was a screen of untranslated text.

Wrong '@' punctuation when tiger says to leave gym.


Welcome back!  Thanks for not being dead!

Just played through this.  Lovely game, interesting concept!  Thanks for your work on it, can't wait for more!

Just played through beefcake and edgelord routes, loved it, thanks for your work on this project!

Just played through this, looks very promising!  Thanks for posting!

Just powered through this.  I honestly didn't expect a lot going in, but wow!  The story is engaging, the characters are well written, and I honestly can't wait for the next part.

Thanks for doing the project, greatly looking forward for what's to come!

It's interesting to hear about development.   Thanks for continuing work on this game!

Just played this, looks like it has amazing potential!  Thanks for working on it!

This was great!  Thanks for making it!

Just finished with the available content, and planning on try out some of the other options on replay.

Loved it a lot, thanks for making it!  Hope you decide to continue this project!

Just played it!  Enjoyable, thanks for posting

Nice, please do one for Malcom haha.

You mentioning content somewhat based off the sequel novels is interesting.  Having read them, I have several ideas about what it might be.  Looking forward to it!

Thanks again for your continued work, and I hope you had a joyous holiday season!

I played this forever ago(read the novels too) and just saw this.  Thanks for putting work into it again, looking forward to it!

Very nice!  Thanks for posting!

Interesting!  Thanks for the new release!

Looks interesting!  Thanks for posting the prologue, looking forward to the first chapter!

Alright, this is actually pretty good.  Looking forward to what's to come!