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to fix that dont use a hundred bots

amazing game, really fun!

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mix it with dragon and you get secret scroll, mix that with gandalf and you get world ender, mix that with king wizard and you get KINGDOM (crown)

recpies: magic goo + egg -> magic egg + fire -> dragon -------------------- magic goo + spear -> staff + human -> gandalf ------------------- magic goo + fish -> sheep + magic goo -> human --------------- rock + human -> dwane + potion -> troll + enemy castle -> king wizard -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

you're welcome.

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bruv you're in every single comment 

its meant to be a rage game (why im i replying to a comment that was made a year ago??)

is there controller support in pc version?

ok THIS is hard


controller doesnt work

i like it, but it's waaaay too hard

those are for controllers, check the description for keyboard controls



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he had a week only.. still, i agree

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i know im late, but u should really add a skip button

i still love the game tho

just hit full screen then zoom out, it worked for me