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Mac version needs to be updated. Currently, it has a 32-bit binary only, which won’t work on newer releases of macOS. Steam version for Mac has already been updated with a 64-bit binary, so hopefully the developer can do the same for the standalone version on

Which platforms does this run on? I don’t see any mention in the description, even under More Information.

Does this purchase also come with Steam or GOG keys?

I assume the Windows version is just bundling the ROM with a NES emulator.

Even without the source code, you can use a NES debugger/visualizer tool such as Mesen to see what’s going on in the CPU and PPU.  Great for ROM hacking too.  Read the Mesen docs for more info.

4 player can get a bit chaotic at times, but you eventually develop a flow and rhythm as a group.  Proof is going back to the start of the game and realizing just how much easier it is with everyone in sync.

Playing this on the NES core of the amazing MiSTer FPGA platform.  It only takes a few notes of the title music to draw the whole family in for 4 player co-op fun.  The documentary video was so well explained and nothing short of inspirational for our kids.