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Sorry, way more time than I expected has passed. I have been trying to obtain a code signing certificate so that my installer will not be flagged by Windows Defender. I may release it before then as an alpha/beta so at least I can get some feedback.

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An update for anyone looking for the PC version. I just pushed the mobile update for 1.3 which took longer than I expected. I am actively working on PC tweaks.

*EDIT* I want this release to be done properly so I've applied for a code signing certificate. I will not release until I have an installer/code signature in place. No DRM for the release. I will be ready to go as soon as I get the cert. Thanks all!

*EDIT of the EDIT* Still waiting on the cert. Hoping it won't take much longer...

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If you mean Windows as in PC then the good news is that I already have it available on PC/Mac/Linux as the game is made with Unity. It does not have a proper UI/options though. What I will do is add some basic options for resolution and things like MSAA/texture filtering then make it available here DRM free. I can then work on adding shortcuts to the menus and adding the option to override key-binds in a later update.

I am in the middle of a localization update so I'd guess (lol) that I can have it up here in a couple of days.

Thanks for showing interest! Stay tuned...

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Haha, is there a reason you cannot? Edit: If you are looking for it on PC/Linux/Mac I can make that available if there is interest. Probably EA with mobile UI for now until I can add a proper PC version.

Huh? I assume that was an accident. Have you tried my game yet? =)