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i completely agree !!!! this was really fun, i love this concept and the way you did it

praxis indeed

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this inspired me to go cloudspotting w someone special :DD thank u for sharing ur game, it's lovely

i loved this so much. thank you :’) i want everything for u and hope the universe treats u kindly always. 

this was a really fun list and a really fun way of unfolding everything and having it be interactive - especially the interactive words in the /middle/ of a sentence heheh, those were fun. at first i thought that ur submission to the list jam was simply a picture - a picture of ur incomplete list of games that made u trans - but then i clicked “run list” on the actual game page and little did i know what was coming. this was so fun to go down! thank u for this experience and for sharing ur experience. i’m so happy u’ve found love and affirmation in community and in games <3