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Yeah I am so glad the maya file is not crashed!

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We can't promise that now but we believe it will have. As well as an iOS version.

The lantern is the ultimate good ol' pal when things getting dark. And the scent of kerosene will keep you awake so you won't fall over in the dark.

Thanks for loving it! We will release it this fall.

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Really appreciate! Welcome to add it to your wishlist^_^

Thanks for your video! We are working on more puzzles.

We plan to have one:)

The roller is not complete and you can figure it out!:)

The game lacks some optimization now and we will have osx version later. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the feedback! Actually, this version has no optimization and it may cause problems like this. Sorry for that. Now we are focusing on the design and puzzles but later we will definitely optimize for it! And using the arrow keys or WASD sounds like a good idea! Thanks!

Thanks for your interests! We are still working on it! Hope we can have a more complete demo on GDC.