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Hi, I found a bug in the room with the "unfamilliar" reflection. After you give the ghost the 4 dresses, your reflection disappear. But it still says the thing about the unfamilliar reflection. Also, when leaving and reentering the room, the glass has completely disappear and you can go to the other side of the mirror. For the last part I'm not sure it's a bug, bug since there's nothing new to find, or something happening, I guess it was not made in purpose.

I play the case closed paid version of the game.

I've just started the game and I was pretty confused understanding what is what, and how it works. After some trials and errors, I now get it. Maybe you should allow for a description to popup while placing an equipment (by pressing up on the dpad). Because it almost dragged me off the game, even though there are explanation in the menu. The concept is great, i love the atmosphere, and the overall look of the game. Great job!

Will there ever be translation for playdate games? I wish I could share this with someone who isn't comfortable with english.