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I voted Hello World and a few others I don't remember lol.

Thank you :)!

Pretty cool game! Though I did not really understand how the Theme is implemented and how does the number on the dice matter but it's a nice game, the effects like the glitch effect really add the juicy feeling into the game!

Sorry about the repositioning issue... I did not have the time to test the game on any other devices other than my PC so yes there are a few issues.

Really Sorry about the block movement... I didn't get to test the game on any other device than my PC.. It seems to work fine on my end so yeah......

Thank you :) !

Apologies about the Mouse Movement. I made the sensitivity way to low, I didn't get to test the game on any other device than my PC.. It seems to work fine on my end :)

Sorry about the Mouse Movement, I didn't get to test the game on any other device than my PC.. It seems to work fine on my end :)

Had fun making this little game :D, hope you all like it!

Just mention me or my asset's in the credits, thats all :) !

Really loved it! The Graphics, artwork, everything is just amazing

Quad Jam # 1 community · Created a new topic Hype

Im really hyped about the increasing participants... I wish I could play every game but sadly I cant, I have a pretty rough schedule

Hi guys! I just wanted to thank you all for joining this Jam :)

Its gonna be a hell of a ride making a game in 4 days 😁

Good luck to everybody! Here ya go

Awesome Game, I couldent stop playing it when I started and the graphics, audio and the puzzle levels are just absolutely amazing

Thanks and yes the shake is a bit too much I didnt realize that lol but as soon as the voting period ends I will fix it :)

Np :)

Sure :) be sure to play mine :D

Be sure to checkout mine :)

Thank you for your feedback and I'll make sure to add a Disable feature for the Shake :)

Oh, Sorry about that... But I did check your game SnailSweeper and it was alot of fun :D

Amazing Game 😁

Has alot of potential 

And It was very fun!

4 Star rating in each field 👍

Pretty good game.. Had Fun playing it :)

Woo alot of games :) Imma start playing each of em

Ok Ill check it out tomorrow, Need to go sleep its late here

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I'll play all the games people send to me here in return if they play mine :)

Heres the link -

Here ya go

Thanks :)

Idk, I have alot of ideas in mind, and each of them is good.... This Years theme is really good

Thanks :D

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Hi, I don't have a Twitter account so I'm hoping that you will see this poly mars :D

You mentioned on your SeaJam playlist that anybody can ask you to mention their video, so that's why I'm here :D

My Video: 

My Game:

Hey astral, Can you send me your Discord Tag? Please?

Thanks :D

Ooo that's a bug I thought I had Fixed lol

Thanks :D , Appreciate It :)

Thanks :D