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For Rougeknight
Team Name: The Pixel Masons
Discord Names
Zawdit - coder
Baal - Artist

@ShaunJS Sadly my LD concept wouldn't work in GMS2, the camera rotation was being very buggy.

Had to submit early because of Ludum Dare, you guys probably shouldn't of competed with the biggest and most known game jam there is :D. Oh well still had a ton of fun making it even if I didn't finish everything I wanted.

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Alpha 1.1

  • fixed dumblebomber and throws not working
  • fixed hov tron infini jump after killing hov tron
  • semi fixed menu breaking on quit to menu (will fix completely later this is minor for now)
  • fixed shield recharge showing shield before it was ready
  • major changes with player and all current enemies collisions
  • possible fix to background drawing problems
  • fixed power up and blobs for correct text and buying amount
  • fixed keeping power ups after restarting the game
  • fixed being pushed off the right wall in boss fights
  • fixed bosses trapping you so easily


  • Minor enemy placement changes
  • Added "x" for power up 1 key
  • Added "c" for kicking active Cacannonballs (little black bomb guys)
  • Added "v" for invincibility power up (shield upgrade)


  • fixed Cannadoo falling through floor if he lands on cacannon explosion
  • Added hit animation for Cannadoo


  • added various sound effects
  • can no longer pick up loose blobs afer you die
  • fixed boss door gltiching out if you enter and leave then anter again
  • fixed getting stuck on boss door in tut level if you died
  • temp fix to view reset for checkpoints
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Alpha 1.0a

  • -Fixed bossed hurting after player dies
  • -fixed power up tip text to display proper buttons
  • -moved fps counters to not block boss health
  • -fixed how blobs and power ups work together (no more infinite power ups)