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Great game! Both the art and mechanics are fascinating! Please make a downloadable version for windows I definitely would buy!

Love the dungeon part. challenging yet fun.

Hi, I have a suggestion  for Endhall. Could you  please add save function to the game? Thanks.

Thank for the reply! I will get it soon ~

SFD community · Created a new topic Chinese language


Does this version support Chinese language?

I know the one on steam does, but i want to get a DRM free version so as to feed my local game collection!

Thank you for the reply! If I want to get the expansion too, is it better to buy  the game on GOG?  Or in other words, will the expansion be available on in the future?

Does this game support Chinese language?

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Oh, okay. Thank you for the reply. Although I prefer the Chinese version, I will still buy this DRM free version.  I also want to buy a downloadable version of the soundtrack too - not as a DLC on the steam but as DRM free file/files. Will it be released in the feature?

Thanks! I thought that only the steam version supports Chinese language. I bought the steam version and liked it a lot, but I also wanted to own a DRM free version of the game so as to increase my local game collection. But I could not find anything about Chinese language support on this page, so I got a little bit confused.

Does this game support Chinese language?