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Thanks for removing the ability to hold and throw bombs at a certain angle you piece of trash

Now it's no longer fun

Ayame bossfight is my favorite.

Quick question: What was the handicap she mentioned after you died a few times?

Update: I just beat the game AGAIN in 4 hours and 56 minutes...

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Favourite sequence: Suisei death game.(She chases you as you try to open the door by pulling levers in a certain colour pattern).

Favourite joke: An idiot drink a bottle of poison and died.("Here lies a certain idiot.")

Favourite reference: After going through the pain of Korone blocking your screen as you navigate your way through the most annoying stealth sequence,you get married to best girl Yagoo.

PS: I speedrun the game in 5 hours on my second completion.

Try beating it,just for fun.

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This game is a masterpiece...

Not gonna lie,I will play this game again and again if it wasn't for a specific stealth sequence...I have never felt that much anger at a stealth sequence...(I meant the one that forces you to navigate your way through spirits while Korone blocking your screen)

But nevertheless...good job!

I also enjoy the comedy element in this game.

Before you ask,yes,Save Police is my favourite side character.

(Okayu the 4th wall breaker)

The dash mechanic does not work as intended.

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10/10,will play again...

I just realized,if you put the first letter in their names together,Diya,Akarsya,Min and Noelle in that order,it will become DAMN.

And after Noelle messed up,Akarsya picks up a dandelion,looks at Noelle and said "If you were a flower,you'd be a DAMNdelion"

Then she tried to blow the dandelion seeds into Noelle's eyes...

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Better than the first version,but I still found some bugs.

The name doesn't changed when I changed the character.

Evil Ollie sometimes stuck in place,unable to move. 

Evil Anya still attacks me while facing backwards.

You know how enemies are supposed to face towards the character?Well,sometimes,they turned their entire body away from the in-game playable character.

The dash attack for Ollie and Reine was changed,one question though,why?

Lol,Moona sprinting looks like she's moon-walking

"You have been hit by a smooth criminal"

You need to eat by yourself,choose to sit with the pig-tailed girl,then don't ask Seinaru to hang out with you

I swear if this game have good artstyle,it will become one of my favourite visual novels...but,I guess the simple artstyle has it's own charms...

I agree,Beatrix is beautiful...