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Love the underwater shader tones, the character movement feels super smooth

My brother and a few other friends are following as well hopefully they grab a copy :D

I told you about 10 or so months ago when I stumbled on your youtube I would pre order as soon as it was ready :D 

Is this going on steam as well?

Pre order placed 
stoked to support you

Total unreal tourny vibes downloading now

Melee attacks are definitely on the Todo list :D I had envisioned some super cartoonish crazy chainsaw that can be used in exchange for stamina. 

Level Design I think will be the next logical step after getting the core function of the weapon loadout / ammunition pickups and random ammunition spawns.

I think I posted the Trello for this project on the main page. I didn't really think about setting up any place for folks to chat on it. We will see if many people download it etc :D 

I was thinking the first 'Real' level would be something like a barnyard that would offer haybales and the barn and other things from a barn for obstacles to hide / and use for tactical advantage etc. 

I think maybe having a "tag" game mode might be something I would like to work on in the future as well (taking in your last comment)

Thanks! Wasn't really sure if people would dig that "toon" style 
Hopefully I can finish up the weapon loadout mechanics this coming weekend and then implement ammunition drops. Then setup some generic arena style maps that are better for shooter games than an open landscape :D