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you can unzip the folder and then run the program

sorry, it only runs on windows or mac

sorry, I am not planning to do any porting or further development on this

Sorry it's a little buried -- Press 'Escape' to bring up the menu, then choose "Back," then "Clear Save / Restart"

I've added some alternate download links (see the install instructions section above) to help out anyone who is having issues with the itch download.

thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Hmm, sorry I just don't know what's happening then; I am able to download the file fine, and I don't control the itch io website.

It sounds like your internet connection might just be failing during the download?  It's 351 MB so a relatively large file.  Sorry, there's nothing I can do to help with that.

You shouldn't need the full Microsoft Visual C++, just the Visual C++ Redistributable that I link right above the download, in the install instructions ... 

Sorry, I don't know what the issue would be; for me both the download buttons above work fine still.

( fwiw I don't think the object replacement rules are consistent between the web player and the downloadable client? in terms of what ends up on top ... )

Sorry, haven't seen an error like that before.  Restarting the computer might fix it.

If you've seen all 16 endings and also your roots then you've seen everything.

sorry, what OS, what does the console say, does anything else happen?

sorry, not sure but it may work if you run the msvc redistributable installer:

very strange... Windows or Mac?

right click, click "extract all", extract to a folder, open the folder, run tree

Make to unzip the whole zip file, and run tree.exe from the same folder as all the dlls!  (It won't work if you try to run tree.exe directly out of the zip file; you need to unzip the whole folder first.)

Okay I went and verified on a clean windows install -- < this is the correct one to run!  It's the same as what was at the link I gave earlier though, so if it doesn't work I don't know what to say :(  Do make sure you get the x86 version!

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sorry! I just moved and don't even have my windows computer set up right now so I'm really just guessing :(

You could try this newer version of the same thing:

edit: I'll try to find a way to verify proper instructions tomorrow ... it's almost certainly one of these MSVC redistributable things

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Sorry, try installing the "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015":

Edit: Make sure you run the x86 version, specifically this one:

Thanks!  I just started a new job at a games company so I'm full time on that for now :)

cool; I added a link to the playlist :)

It tries to disable vsync and framerate limiting, so the game will run as fast as your computer can run it.  So, if you have a slower computer, it does nothing.  If you have a fast future fancy computer, everything may run comically fast while 'p' is held ...

oops, thanks for the heads up; I didn't think about that!  I did buy them, and I'm not sure how else to distribute them, but I've updated the zip files to remove all the ones I was not using and added a text file pointing people to the purchase link ... hopefully that helps ...

(To anyone interested in good pixel fonts, definitely go to !)

also thanks for the nice and thoughtful comments :)

I'm not planning to make any additional versions but if you'd like to explore the levels beyond that, there is an "unlock all levels" option in the options menu.

Cool, & sure! share as you please :)