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Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it! I'm glad to receive such insightful input on something I made!

As for level 7, the goal is to line up the frogs in order to open the red button doors, and to keep the yellow spikes down. After you line up the frogs for the red buttons, you'd trap them in the left half of their room with dark mode. In the left half of the room, the yellow buttons are arranged in a way that if the frogs are lined up, at least one frog will be standing on a button at all times, allowing you to cross the yellow spikes.

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I can't find them

The strategy that has worked for me is:

1. Divert it's attacks to the bottom left of the screen. Keep it's red flames away from the upper left corner

2.  Dash into areas devoid of projectiles.

3. Dash to the upper left.

4. Shoot a continuous line of flames at the boss before the stream of bullets catches up to you. 

5. Dash away into empty areas to dodge the bullets

6. Go back to step 1.

Also, avoid the scythe at all costs. It deals a ton of damage.

Is there  way to fix this? The UI is so tiny i need to put my face up to the screen and squint my eyes if i want to do anything

Maybe if instead of one single graveyard server, you had multiple graveyard servers and when one gets too full to function, the deaths would be added to the next graveyard server? A possible solution, unless the problem is hosting more servers

I hope the dev can find a way to bring this back up

Thanks, that's kind of what i was going for!

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Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, i'm glad to hear that!

Just want to know where to draw the line, for example, what can i put in a horror game? Thanks in advance.

Love the game! It's really nice to see a well done pixel art game. I'd like to make a request or two: it'd be really nice to have a screen that shows the endings i've adquired and how many are left. 

Achievements would also be a fun addition, i feel it would make the experience even better by encouraging players to explore the game more trying to get each one. Achievemnts would be cool, even if they're just in the Steam version. 

I feel these additions would enhance the experience by giving the players a greater sense of accomplishment. That's all for now, keep up the good work! :)

Is there a way  to rotate the vr character with controller input without having  to rotate your body?