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Thanks for your input.

I actually was thinking about smoothing the inversion to something less drastic, but ultimately decided against it, as had some problems regarding user experience with it. In other words: Without a snappy change I couldn't pulled off the inversion as I did now during the jam session time.

I also decided against using snapping horizontal movement as it would substantially decrease the effect I was aiming for. (This also would partially affect the relaxing part)

Well, personally, I think, the game is mostly carried by the music.

I say that because I think that the biggest issue this game has is the track itself (not the music track, tho). It feels very long even with the knowledge that it is a möbius strip.

The problem I see here is the lack of a point of reference. The track twists and turns rapidly and especially hard downward curves can feel very unfair when you don't see/know that it instantly twists again to the side. And after crashing into the wall, you turn (at least my driver did that) 180° which consumes even more time than the stopping would already do.

In total, the track works a bit against the camera as the lack of overview really diminishes the opportunities to react to a curve ahead.

Regarding the lack of a point of reference. While the surrounding art style may seem appealing coherent and good looking, the lack of a center (like a tower in a unique color) permanently emits a feeling of being lost. And without the unique markings on the checkpoints I would be totally lost.

A good possibility for another track layout I could think of would be an initial 3/4-circle around the aforementioned tower before going downwards and then have the twists and turns. This way, and with the help of the camera, you could let the player know where the track will lead you to.

Additionally the track itself isn't all that exciting as the width is very constant all throughout the course. I wish you would have included more broad spaces, especially around the sharp corners, so you would eventually go faster and faster (like in F-Zero or Wipeout).

You could also make the track much shorter so players would at least be able to complete 1 möbius strip cycle. The additional speed and the time-limit should be enough to create a verifiable skill display via the score system (which, I think, is just distance?). With a shorter track you would also increase the capability of memorization on the track and increase the feeling of progression within the player. It feels really frustrating if you have to drive for a long time (a timer would be nice), make a mistake and even haven't come close to the old record and old mistakes to improve.

Lastly, the speed maximum+ vs. time limit- seems a little bit hard capped to me. As in that there is a physical/mathematical limit how many points you can reach even with a perfect run.

Some notes: There was a bug that after the first run and you respawn, you won't get time on the first checkpoint/Start so you always looses and you have to make a hard-reset.

Thanks for your input. Funnily enough some friends of mine also noted these issues and I only fixed them for the Linux version as I clearly had only minor problems with them, but you are right. Even with minor problems I already should have addressed them.

This is why I re-uploaded the Windows version with the fixed problems. Thanks for that additional input.

One reason I decided to let the player do a full circle is, partially, to fit more with the theme "Cycles". ^^ But another reason is to ensure, even after the first level, that the player knows that he only can walk in one direction.

Secondly, the player has to be aware of his actions, even if can approach them again from the same angle. Next, perspective can change as the view changes. Especially in later levels where more space is used for problem solving.

Lastly, I thought it would be good to have a "speed" button, but ultimately decided against it as it would undermine the theme of time being a constant (under equal circumstances).