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game was pretty good. ive been waiting for it a bit on twitter and i was not disappointed. wish there was more interactions for hitting certain parts of the body with certain weapons, like the greatsword instakilling the bugs with four arms

games too scary

im gonna shit myself

me after I play votv on the 24th of any month (bad idea)

cool game. love how you're also infected with the rot, but it hasn't fully taken over yet which lets you still use some functions of your body but you can't really walk normally. all in all pretty good

me when the massive black scp starts following me outside with intent to kill me and i am given access to orbital strike

am too dumb to play this game, looks pretty good ngl


the bug

game is pretty interesting, but it's pretty lame how the game completely stops all input when you get an item but your enemies still move so you'll end up gaining an ear but losing a leg and an arm. pretty stupid ngl

moral of the story : don't rob a museum / jewerly store / where ever you go to see diamonds placed on a pedestal encased in glass while undergoing paralysis

crug look
we are in death stranding

Wow, this is a very great game, can't wait for the coming soon stuff. I never died once, and this game really made me fear falling into a hole. Judging by the comments, it only removes oxygen, and the ending made me jump, because the sudden popup saying "The mine is collapsing!" and the spikey music really put fear into me. Thank god I made a straight run from there to the shop.

i wish i could play this

fun game but really mf hard

This game work with HTC vive?


No, it's okay, if you had to ask me to rate myself on how much of a coward i am, i'd be on #1 spot within the first two seconds, so it's okay.

all dogs go to heaven

Super fun, got caught up on how to do the woodchipper section and legitimately almost jumped while getting into the computer, because i once played a horror game with that music

Music that the radio plays?

It's fun for a bit, but gets repetitive. Thank you for making this game tho

ayo wtf i'm called zane i'm in this game holy shit
not the same age tho

Damn, i really wish we got some insight on why you have the things that you have at the ending. otherwise pretty dope