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@everyone if you had bugs running the Windows version, I uploaded a fix recently that should work on Win32 and Win64. If it doesn't run, you probably need the .NET Framework 4.0 redistributable or the VC++ 2010 redistributable.

This is outstanding. Beautiful art style. Variety of mechanics. And on theme for the jam. But what takes it across the line from good to great is the last scene. Well done!

Strong use of the theme. Picked Geoff first, and got a big laugh out of my second playthrough as Matt. Nicely done!

Nice game! Easy to pick up, difficult to master. That last corner before the end is really difficult, and was littered with lava blades before I finally made it out into the open.

My favorite part about this game was the particle effect. That little bit of polish really made this stand out.

This is a really impressive demo, and I enjoyed exploring it all the more knowing the technical details that you've shared on LostCast over the past few episodes. I think I explored the entire dungeon twice, but each time I came to a final door for which I could not find a key. Hope I didn't miss anything.

What do you think you would add next? Just tiger hatting here, but I assume you could render floor tiles as the GBA does its rot/scale backgrounds: in horizontal lines across the destination texture, offsetting the read position in your floor texture by a dx/dy vector that is set based on the rotation of the camera. You would also need to change the initial read position, as well as the dx/dy values, at the beginning of each horizontal line.

Phew. Tiger hat off.

I would really like to see you continue work with this prototype. I'm sure we'll hear about it on LostCast if you do!

An impressive prototype. I was able to connect multiple clients at home, and updates were smooth across all machines. The artwork is slick, and I like that you were able to get two z-layers working in 2D. Solid!

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This is outstanding. Beautiful art style. Variety of mechanics. But what takes it across the line from good to great is the last scene. Well done!

Defeated it! The red/green limitation adds depth. Good job!

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Hey all! In honor of LDG's longstanding love of strategy role playing games, I'm going to prototype a tactics game for Jamuary. I'm not an artist, so I'm going to borrow graphics from a game that typifies the genre (see pic). So far, I have a 3D playfield that zooms and rotates, and my actor sprites animate. My next goal will be to put together a rudimentary level editor, and then I'll get into the fun stuff like differentiating heroes and enemies and adding combat mechanics.