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Man this was awesome! Thanks for letting me play as a badass yet relatable character like Robin!

Oh and must I add her being straightly charming for an hour. Those boys really need a lot to catch up. ;) 

Part 2, I'm patiently waiting for you. 

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I'm not gonna lie- the ending really caught me off guard. 

This is a simple conversation between two soon-to-be graduates, yet strokes deep into the uncertain nature of the future- both theirs and mine. 

Imagine having a friend that would go to that length just to gift me with their perspective and comfort, a wholesome experience indeed :) 

Thank you for creating this profound masterpiece. 

Now I'm excited!

No problem :D

Windows. At 22 January 2020 I believe. The same day I posted this comment. 

I only played for one ending (got the happily ever after yay) but this was a nice quirky game with fairly short read and cute sprites. The colors are very warm and makes a relaxing atmosphere too. 

However when I tried to save my choices I was greeted with rows of codes. 

I like it. Will there be a sequel?

Indeed, a fabulous game you have here! Exciting story, carefully crafted dialogues and had enough mysteries.. 

But I'm currently stuck in the dungeon level where you discover the letter... 

Is there any guide I can follow here?