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Alex Beyman

A member registered May 11, 2019

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Impressive! Low concept, but also decent effort put into graphics, somewhat believable dialogue/characterization, and minimal jank. My one complaint is that the mechanics for filling your bowl and eating from it work differently than every other item you use before or after that point. It's good to keep controls universal so players can intuit how to interact with stuff throughout the game. 

Surprisingly in depth and compelling. Enjoyed driving around, questioning locals. Would have liked the ability to guess wrong and shoot the wrong person. Also would have liked cutscenes for the good and bad end, where good end is debriefing at the station and bad end is the mimic returns to the station in your car and uniform, impersonating you.

Insufficient audiovisual cues anything at all is happening. Hard to tell if I'm doing it right. I never saw anything like a progress bar on the monitor, could not pick up diskettes or move them around. At one point I saw one pop out of the PC? Needs more animations and sounds to communicate what is happening and more developed interaction mechanics imo

How do I get past the part where a button is behind glass?

First off as many others have said thank you for preserving these classics. However they have some maddening jank. Maybe that's part of the nostalgia but the option to, for example, have true analogue controller support and A BUTTON TO SLOW DOWN (like how there is one to boost) would greatly GREATLY improve gameplay, especially the precision needed to pick up those tiny eggs and dodge trees.

Installing thru the itch desktop app causes the launch button to open the installation folder rather than starting the game

Made me lol, GOTY

Could not see well enough in the dark room to progress

Needs support for 21*9 monitors, stretched out on mine as well as chopping off a little of the top and bottom of your view.

The mechanics all work. A classic horror setting, classic horror tropes. What needs work is pacing. Nothing is suspenseful, and the pig man jumpscares just wound up making me smile.

Cannot get past looping animation of a giant rushing through door, closing it after him. Unclear how to progress.

Very stylish and memorable.

Unable to start game. Apparently only designed for 16*9 displays. On my 21*9 monitor, the button to begin the game is out of frame.

Got to scissor monster maze. Monster kills me over and over before I can do anything. Quit.

Well made! Polished, good presentation. Monster kills me before I can do anything every time but otherwise good until then

Yeah I tried to get ahold of you (the creator I assume? Garment district?) years back to ask why you stuck with Gamejolt for so long. I suspect nuclear grade autism is afoot here

Gratz, been following the adventures of beebz since the beginning. What a long, strange journey. I'd like to install this on the desktop app but cannot do it. I understand from other devs I've pointed this issue out to that it's apparently an easily missed but also easily corrected back end issue. 

Well done, I knew it was you from your usual style but mercifully for us normies not as many fridge sized furries this time. Fun gameplay loop, looking forward to subsequent entries. When you finish up this series, consider compiling them into a single game for sale on Steam

Needs proper gamepad support with custom bindings

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Does not launch, throws a red error message: "Unable to parse Build/! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug."

Why is Y jump? Why is A pause? Select and start are also pause. You have 3 pause buttons. I need A to be jump or it fucks up my muscle memory. I can't even seem to open options, any button I press just closes the menu.

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What is this goofy nonsense? Did the playtesters have ADHD? Why is it necessary to have some haunted house prop or Halloween City decoration pop up in front of the player every ten to fifteen seconds? Would we get bored otherwise?

It's a shame as the technical chops are reasonably good. Good menu, good performance, good looking assets. None of that makes up for bad pacing, bad story telling and no idea what actually scares, rather than merely startles people, however.

Jumpscares are not something to spam the player with, they're best used sparingly, only after long periods of building tension. If it's just one after another, they lose their impact very rapidly. I don't mean to come off as rude but this was an insultingly bad experience, and it didn't need to be given you obviously have proficiency with the software.

Maybe study some well regarded horror films, focusing not just on imagery but the anatomy of a well told horror story, before taking another crack at this genre.

Bug report: Lantern I'm supposed to pick up after Jackson vanishes is not by the tent, or anywhere else I looked.

Later section driving on the elevated path with chains and hands, being chased by the monster is deeply frustrating. It's dark, the light doesn't illuminate far ahead and the view is close to the ground so I cannot see where the edges are until I'm flying over them to my doom. Even just a glowing line showing where the center of that "road" is would be much appreciated.

Very polished, cool concept. Obtuse in parts, sadistic location of the candle. I also wish I could take the goggles off when I don't need them, which seems to be all the time, rather than squinting at the tiny windows. That, or properly fullscreen and thus zoom into the goggles themselves

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One of your best to date. You have a distinctive formula and it works. Ambiguously dangerous world, proprietary esoteric system for managing it, silent hill wallpaper. If you haven't played Digital Eyes you ought to, it's very much in your style and I did a double take upon discovering it's not one of yours:

A baffling shame. What a prospect it would be if they could hand off games for VR conversion to a dedicated sub-team so it doesn't hamper work on their current game project. It seems like a winning proposition to me

Understandable. Again, Sclerosis is a lot of hard work you're giving away for free. I can imagine you'd have cold feet about doing it all over again. But if I were you, I'd approach Frictional. They stand to gain from a partnership with you, as they could outsource to your team the project of remastering their older games as VR supported titles in the Unity engine, without taking time out from developing their new game projects. In their position I would find such a proposal very enticing.

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Superb, this must've been a LOT of work, can't believe it's free. How about doing this for the Penumbra games next? And then SOMA? If you have a Patreon I'll support such an endeavor.

Could not figure out what to do. Wandered, saw woman go around corner, wandered for another hour, nothing happened, quit game.

Cannot download through the desktop app. From what I understand it's often overlooked but an easy fix on your end to implement. I realize I can get it elsewhere but I like to have my itch games organized in the same program.

Cannot install from desktop app

Can't install from desktop application

The portion of the final boss where she zooms at you seems to be bugged. It's either too precise or does not work. I tried twenty times. I am pretty damn sure I aimed at her, but I still died.

I like the subtle world building, what there is anyway. Mostly I just want a longer game in this style with more to do. 


I'm not sure but I suspect you may have "convent" and "covenant" confused.

Cannot start game, no button starts game, clicking "start game" does not start game

Can't download from desktop app

Can't download from desktop app