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It was an interesting setting and location, but it missed a few things that I would like to see. Such as-

  • Some of the slang of the Long Rim, which a GM can throw in when players have just arrived. Think "The Expanse" belter slang for this.
  • Myths and stories and "tall tales"-Little bits of color that can add flavor and serve as adventure hooks.
  • The Pirate and Enterprise rules need to be revised. It's entirely possible that the difference between Pirates and an Enterprise could just be a matter of timing...
  • Maybe break up the "Station Seed table" into what the station is and what the station does.

Not bad, but needs a bit of work.

Really do like the play upon play upon play of this story, and how it messes around with identity of the people involved.

Especially like the latex drone one and it's good. Waiting for #4. :)

I would like to see a printed version as well, mostly because it's easier for me to handle and share these days.

1) The ability to have a river running through the city, and the city straddling it. With a choice of the number of bridges.

2)Being able to have multiple sets of walls.

3)Able to put the castle in the center of town, for example.