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When convenient, would someone at tinyBuild or Scythe Dev Team be willing to update the itch version of HHBF to the latest release?

The version available here as of January 18th, 2022 is 1.16.3, and the Steam version is currently 1.17.0 (three releases ahead).

There are some minor bugs that were fixed between these two versions that would make HHBF even more awesome and playable.

Thank you for your help and time!

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Thank you, Scythe Dev Team! I happily paid for this last year, though appreciate your decision to make it freely available. The Northbury Grove trilogy and its spin-offs have been unique and entertaining experiences, and the hard work and energy you've put into your games is apparent.

It was kind of you to share the soundtrack with those of us who bought the game (downloaded, thanks!). All the best to your team. Very much looking forward to your future projects!

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Thank you, Connor! Sorry that you were not able to present this as intended or make use of your spiky creativity at the booth, though looking forward to experiencing it and appreciate you sharing the piece with everyone.

Thank you for your hard work. Please take the time you need. Looking forward to this update!

This game is incredible! Thank you, Kira. I had a great time playing the game and will definitely revisit it in the future. There was a minor bug in the research facility that produced an on-screen "UnityEngine" error. I have sent an e-mail with more information to your Gmail address. Looking forward to enjoying your other projects!