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Well thank you very much for your lovely comment! It's great to know this little game can entertain :) 51 days is utterly insane, congrats to you! and Happy New Year!

Thanks for playing :) I'm quite busy at the moment on other projects but I'll do an .exe whenever I have time.

Hi! thanks a lot for your feedback :) it's actually coded that way because I feared it would feel frustrating for the player to get damaged by the bomb while in combat. But I agree, it feels like a bug.

Hope you had fun!

Thanks for playing & taking the time to write a review :)

It's true that you lose a % of the loot when you die. However, I know several people didn't notice that if you took the elevators that sometimes appear on the sides of the mine, you'd get to keep all the loot & get back to the village ;) I definitely should make them more visible.

Thanks a lot for playing the game and for your suggestions! I had all of these in mind when making the game but ran out of time for the boss & harder levels unfortunately. Definitely something I want to explore if I get back on this project.

This "bomb exploit" was indeed intentional: I didn't want the player to feel frustrated by getting hurt by the bomb while they were in combat or getting blown up as soon as they returned to the digging.

hello! sorry that you encounter an issue :( Are you using Internet Explorer by any chance? If so, I'd suggest using either Chrome, Edge or Firefox to try loading the game.

Unfortunately not in the game jam version. I had planned to add a boss at the end, but ended up not having the time. If I make a full version of the game I'll definitely add more features/a deeper mine to explore.

Thanks for playing :) 

Hey :) thanks for playing! No it definitely was a bug that would lock you in combat. It's fixed in the latest version!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Indeed, I noticed after I posted the comment above that the bug came from somewhere else. I've since fixed it (after your 2:30 yesterday playthrough) and haven't been able to reproduce the bug since then.

  • Agreed! Definitely need clearer instructions about the Elevators.
    The "hop up one brick" thing is definitely a bug, you're not supposed to be able to do that :p
  • Diamonds are randomly spawned starting a certain depth, but the spawn rate could be higher. For the game jam I idn't have time to implement a condition that offers at least one diamond if you make it to the bottom.
  • The combat is a risk/reward situation: you can get killed, but you also get loot if you're victorious (note that it doesn't consume your torch while you're in combat, so you don't really lose in-game time).

    Thanks a lot for playing and for your feedback :)

ah sorry about that :( I think I've fixed it with the latest version, but let me know if it happens again!

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2 actually :) just lots and lots of game jam practice! If this helps I wrote about the process of making this game on the ludum dare website

Thank you for your comment! A tutorial about character animation would be interesting indeed, I'll consider it!

Thanks a lot, glad this little game made you laugh :D

Thanks for featuring this game in your video :) cheers!

Thanks for playing yo!

Merci beaucoup <3