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That’d do it :)

That was just to illustrate that computeds can return either a plain boolean, or another callable. Right is returning another lambda which itself returns True. So it would end up being called twice in the while loop to resolve the final value.

But more than anything, remember the Golden Rule: break all other rules when you need to, but only once you understand why they’re rules.

Hey there! So sorry for not responding earlier, Itch isn’t notifying me about new posts for some reason…

A guide will absolutely exist eventually. I’ve not bothered making an official one yet because I know there’s still things I might change, but if someone doesn’t make an unoffocial one then I’ll get around to it when things are closer to being finished :)

And delighted to hear you’re enjoying it :)

Thanks :)

There’s plenty of opportunities to top the big boys; while not every character is a switch, the situation post-0.6 is such that many of them are in a highly experimental mood at the very least. Some characters will be easier than others, of course. And it’ll be made clear what sort of sex you’re about to initiate with someone if you want to avoid it.

So sorry, I didn’t get notified about this post for some reason. The spritework is coming :) It’s just not in yet. The writing continues, however, and when the sprites are ready I’ll backport them into the existing scenes.

Hi there! The engine I use, Ren’Py, comes with a self-voicing option that can read all text and UI in the game:

It is also controllable fully via the keyboard.

If there are any improvements I could make for the vision impaired, I’d love to hear about them :)


0.4 should be landing for Itch in a couple months alongside 0.5’s release, so soon you can enjoy another public-transport-based moment of anguish.

That’s Rav, your roommate :) We’ll see more of him later.

Thank you :)

Thanks! Yeah, I considered going into merges and conflicts but that could be a whole other article by itself, so I made a brief mention and left it for people to Google instead :)

Thank you so much :) It’s very helpful to know that a schedule isn’t just the thing I beat myself up over, but something people appreciate :)

I believe it’s placed in the root folder of the Ren’Py installation (not the game folder) on desktop. For mobile, I have no idea. Probably called “error.log” or some such.


If you can post the log, I can take a look, but otherwise all I can recommend is a reinstall perhaps?

The app doesn’t need anything special from my end in order to function, so it slid below my radar. I’ll be sure to set things up correctly in future. Thanks for letting me know :)

I think the issue was that I forgot to tag the new builds with the appropriate operating system. My bad.

See if it shows up now in the app?

I’m not even aware there is an itch app. What does that do?

There’s nothing new besides what was in 0.1, no.

Indeed. There were a number of reasons for the change, and overall I felt this just rounded out the cast better. His behaviour remains as it is in 0.2, though, it’s just his physical attributes that changed.

Yep. He was at one point a klipspringer, but that changed.

All of them, though only some can lead to LTRs. Some just want to fuck :)

(3 edits)

All the below information is subject to change as the story continues, but I don’t anticipate major alterations (eg. ages might change by a couple years). I’ve also been deliberately vague in a few places to keep things interesting. Characters will naturally have a lot more depth than the one-line summaries I’ve put in here, but only major characters will have arcs that can fundamentally affect who they are.


  • Recently-graduated student of cultural philosophy
  • Species: Norwegian Fjord horse
  • Age: 22
  • Body type: fit draft horse
  • Personality: leaning towards dorky and horny most of the time, but up to the player.


  • Local tour guide and entertainer
  • Species: springbok
  • Age: 25
  • Body type: twink
  • Personality: cocky, sometimes to the point of being almost abrasive, but quickly backs down if * challenged.


  • Town mechanic and entertainer
  • Species: feline/dragon hybrid
  • Age: 28
  • Body type: muscled
  • Personality: relaxed and hard-working.


  • Gardener at Paardenrust Manor
  • Species: gemstaur (gemsbok centaur)
  • Age: 47
  • Body type: large, heavyset equine half with taller, leaner upper half
  • Personality: very measured and thoughtful of others, but secretive.


  • Mayor
  • Species: horse
  • Age: 25
  • Body type: fit, but with a bit of pudge
  • Personality: garrulous to a fault, Dal is laser-focused on doing the best job he can for the town, * possibly to the detriment of other things.


  • Species: greater kudu
  • Age: ???
  • Body type: extremely cut
  • Personality: ???


  • Senescal at Paardenrust Manor
  • Species: cheetah
  • Age: 35
  • Body type: lean, swimmer’s build
  • Personality: rather obsessive and somewhat intolerant of slack in others.


  • Species: water dragon
  • Age: ???
  • Body type: feral
  • Personality: ???


  • Tour operator
  • Species: aardwolf
  • Age: 37
  • Body type: stocky
  • Personality: hopeless romantic who’s been hurt maybe one too many times by his trust in others.


  • Son of the lord of Paardenrust Manor
  • Species: African ass
  • Age: 24
  • Body type: average
  • Personality: outgoing and engaging when he has to speak on behalf of his family, but with a lot of stuff clearly going on inside.

Kop & Stert

  • Owners of local shebeen
  • Species: wild dogs
  • Age: 28
  • Body type: summer-beach vanity muscles
  • Personality: imagine if gossip was turned into people. They’ll never say a bad word about anyone, but they’ll say literally everything else.


  • Local nutsman (handyman)
  • Species: gnu
  • Age: 31
  • Body type: dadbod
  • Personality: ultra chill, so much so that one might think he’s permanently high. Which isn’t true. During the week.


  • Listless resident
  • Species: white rhinoceros
  • Age: 18
  • Body type: twink
  • Personality: kind of a bitch, really. Feels trapped and takes out his frustrations on the world and the people in it.


  • Town policeman
  • Species: zebra
  • Age: 42
  • Body type: musclegut
  • Personality: friendly, but assumes he should be in charge of whatever situation is going on, and often tries to assert himself by virtue of his age and position.


  • Footman
  • Species: meerkat
  • Age: 23
  • Body type: twink
  • Personality: very friendly, very helpful, very eager to not fuck up. Consequently tries too hard and often fucks up.


  • Librarian at Paardenrust Manor
  • Species: stallion
  • Age: 44
  • Body type: dadbod
  • Personality: distrustful and sarcastic. There’s a different person hiding inside, but you’re gonna have to work to find him.


  • Chef at Paardenrust Manor
  • Species: African buffalo
  • Age: 27
  • Body type: himbo
  • Personality: he’ll lay down his life for you five minutes after you meet. Incredibly eager to make people happy, but not without some demons of his own.


  • Species: giraffe
  • Age: 30
  • Body type: thicc femboy
  • Personality: horny. So fucking horny, all the time. Enough to get him in trouble on a regular basis.
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Hi there! I’ve actually written bios for most of the characters with a lot more detail than that even, but I’ve not gotten around to posting them all here yet. I can list off the characters and their general attributes, however, which should be what you’re after :)

I’ll make a separate post for that, since it’ll probably be worth pinning.

Thanks Phamyne! I’m super glad that all the local colour comes through :) I definitely agree about the need for a sort of glossary; I have something in the works for that, but it needs some more work still. It’ll definitely show up in a fuure build :)

He is not :) Very much a switch, with a variety of characters to let you indulge either side of his preferences.

He’s a switch. So depending on the preferences of the characters you meet, he might top or bottom–or both :P

For the public build, I will likely update it about 3 months after the relevant build lands on Patreon.

(1 edit)

Thanks for the comments :) In terms of visuals, you can get a good idea of what to expect by looking at my character artist’s FurAffinity page (warning, very NSFW):

She has a distinct style which includes strong outlines that really make the characters pop. I am planning to make the final backgrounds relatively soft, bordering on out-of-focus, to make the spritework really stand out when superimposed. She’s currently in the process of designing all the characters–you can see one example, the main character, under my screenshots–and once those are all finalised, work on the sprites will begin. I’ll be sure to add additional character designs to itch as they become publicly available :)

Hehe :) I’m making a point of not picking non-Western names for things solely to make things feel exotic for Western players, but they will certainly still pop up regularly :) I’m happy to provide pronunciation and meaning guides if anyone’s interested!

Thanks a lot :) Glad you had fun!

Yes they do. The opening converges on the same outcome, but that’s merely because adding a route that ended the game here seemed presumptuous in a first build :P The choices you make here (and, indeed, later on) will definitely manifest in differences further down the line in a variety of ways.

Alright, give the APK I just added a try.

Yes, I can certainly sort that out. I got started on it but there were a few steps I didn’t have time for at the time, and then I forgot.

I’ll see about uploading it later this weekend :)