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Is there a guide?

Love everything about this game so far! Can't wait to see how it grows!

Just made a pledge! So excited for the full game!

How do you start Dwayne's route?

Firstly, I find the game super addicting! Also, several of the characters got me feeling a kind of way lol. I am really hoping to see more costumes, skills, and scenes for characters, as well as more characters! This game definitely sticks out, so keep up the good work! 

I decided to just start a new game. My other game was honestly ancient, so it's no surprise it was having problems. Already, I'm seeing a bunch of content I had never seen before on my new game! I am a bit sad that I lost all my hard work, but it's been fun redoing missions.

That's the strange part, I don't have a main quest objective. I've been regularly updating the game but it seems to have glitched.  

I have won the tournament several times but nothing happens. Aren't you supposed to be brought to the king after winning? Please tell me how to progress through the story!

So I've tried several combinations with the guardians but still can't get it right!

I managed to defeat Crema, but I only partially defeated LaCitra. As far as the Princess, I got no clue... 

I'm gonna go crazy if I can't unlock everything lol. Please help!