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new changes are sweet, ty ty

Feature requests ; )

  • You mentioned working on a way to make pits? This would be awesome. A quick solution could be just a fully black floor texture, or a black pool type with simple edges so you can paint in pits. Hope it's still in the works!
  • More icons! I'd be keen for: skull, padlock, ladder, shield, wand.
  • Custom assets would be super cool. I appreciate that's harder to work out though.

Love this tool! I've been looking around for a free or low cost app to make quick D&D maps with and RPGME2 is a great fit, thank you.

Happy you enjoyed it! There should be an option to remap the keys on the game launcher, under the 'Input' menu. It's not ideal,  I hope to do a redux of DCD at some stage.

Thank you! I'm planning to do a redux of the project someday to tighten up the experience, although I'm focusing on a new project at the moment.