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Twas a Delightful game. It got me good afew times. 

This game's graphics are good but the sensitivity is pretty high overall nice game good concept. 

loved it

I enjoyed a lot!

I was confused at the beginning but i made it to the end. very good game it scared me multiple times! gg

That Galaxy room was so beautiful that was the best part of the game!

I made a sick freestyle to the beat at the end. also interesting game to say the least!

Got Me Good!

Very Splendid!

I liked it, it was pretty good for my channel I think. I aced it. check me out if interested :)

Completly caught me off guard!

I very much liked the manta rays!

its just a demo so I cant complain, looking forward to the next levels!

I played it through to the end and I think it was pretty cool. I like how you have to use a controller. it was suspenseful at times. I couldn't find a hiding spot so I hid in the corner and it worked. id rate 7/10

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looks like someone's still hangin around. 

this game had me on edge the whole time 

I dont see the word DEMO in the title is this the full game?

I liked it
I liked it. 

I didn't know what happened. 

can i use xbox controller?

definitely got that tense factor goin. 

i liked it.

I like the graphics and the atmosphere was good im just a bad player lmao. 

it definitely looks nice.  


The running had me confused. Overall didn't get scared. 

I liked the atmosphere. 

no problem, you can share the video too ;).

a little buggy but i made it to the end. 

I liked it. I loved the visuals. 

I liked it. 

It was good.

like a budget PT

I liked the atmosphere a lot. 

I went in anyway. 

got me good. 

I liked it. 

I dont know how youre supposed to find out which order the numbers go in but somehow I guess the order right and beat the game