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this game is so cuutteee i love it do you possibly have a support page

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its sad that this happens lots of these games have great potential but then they get dropped i had high hopes for this was loving the build up. but hopefully they come back to it 

okie dokie thank you for the response

Ooooo a spider lady say less

How does one get the silhouette to pop up or does my research level need to be higher I saw it somewhere that said to throw the lust bomb but I'm not having any luck

is there a soundtrack to this game on the start menu that bass hit through my surround sound and dam son it slaps

Game detail is unreal is there a possibility that this is game is still alive or is it on hiatus

just curious if someone is a patron supporter or subscribestar supporter how would they find the dlcs or are the dlcs only on here


hard facts

Awesome work bud its been a fun journey with FF and cant wait to see what's in store for the next adventure keep up the awesomeness

Awesome stuff man yall came a long way so excited 

Im curious what sparked the whole change i was kinda digging around to see lovely game tho

demo was great hope for a update on status soon


always up for a good challenge thank you my man

Also one more thing when you lose/win some characters have a red number i just defeated night 2. 

 ex. Bonny has highlighted 1 but a red 2 does that mean its not implemented or i have to finish the night's to get that option just wondering i waited a bit cause i wasn't for sure if it was one of thoes timed options.

amazing work is there a soundtrack album for this game possibly the main menu music is dope

ooo ok

 I remember playing the previous version but since this is updated I pay again or should there be a option 

if i have the previous one already is there a way to get that one or this on or do i pay each update im kinda confused on how to get the previous on

sweet thank you so much love the music 

o and is the halloween demon event still avilable my spelling tho oof i remember being able to do it last year but i didnt know if it was going to be simalar with the same demon girl it currently says not avilable for me

how does one get their hands on the main menu soundtrack because dang what a banger its so awesome

loving it great work

Glad he's back and doing ok happy drawing

thank you

Also how do I move a old save file to the new update or is it a new game per update

My man im absolutely loving this game and all this interaction this new update is outrageous  

Absolutely love this game very nice work

Loving this game my man keep up the awesome work

alrighty thank you

Question might be spoiler

I'm currently stuck on step 5 of the war within quest line it says he might be in a portal but I checked every location throughout the days I'm not sure if I'm missing or if that is as far as you can go with this build

you said you would like portal 1 and 2 and I asked what platform 

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Possible spoiler

I hope emiko's sister is all right still trying to find my mc on last number  of the last quest after he goes avatar mode

What platform

Going to get it soon can't wait to try it out

That would be cool he is right it is a really good song

Same for me after gathering materials for mr.p when I go back to see him I get this and a few others

okie dokie