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I had a fun time with this one! Nice Pull In, but also short and sweet! Thanks Alot!

I  had a fun time with this one! Quick And Fun, Much Appreciated! 

I had a really fun time with this playthrough! I hope you can enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for the development of this game!

I never knew sonic could be this SCARY!

I Had Fun Figuring Out These Puzzles ! A Well  Designed Game!

Nahh, Thank You!

This Was A Great Way To CREEP A PERSON OUT!

10/10 Game no Doubt! I Had So much Fun Playing! Thanks For Making It For Us! 

This Game WasRealllllyy Creepy And Had Some Nice Jumpscares! I Really enjoyed The Game!

I Had A lot Of Fun Playing This Game! It was Scary And It Felt As If I Was Actually In There Dunning From Michael! Well Done! 

Thank You For Watching! 

I Had Fun Playing This Game! The Story Took A Turn For Sure Haha! 

This Game Was SO MUCH FUN! I loved The Mirror   Mechanic  It Added a Different element to The Game That I'd Never felt before.  Im Excited for more games ! 

This Was By Far One Of The Scariest Games I've Played In A While! Lowkey Scared For The Full Game! 

This Was The Last Game In My Video, But Definitely The Best Of The Three Games! I Had Fun Playing!

This Was The Second Game In My Video! It Was Pretty Hard To Find The Keys! 

I  Played This Game First In  My Video! It Was Hard To Find His Cookies (Pause)!

I  Am SO Ready For This Full Game! The Mechanics Put Into The Game Were Dope! 

I wish The Demo Was Longer! I cant Wait For The Full Game! 

Im Ready For Them!

I REALLY Had Fun Playing This Game! Looking Forward To More! 
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This Game Is The Second Game In This Video! It Was Designed Well! I had Fun While Playing Live With My Stream! Well Done! 

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Its Crazy How Creeped Out I Got In Such A Small Amount Of Time! Well Done! I played This Game Live With My Stream And Had Fun! 

This Is The 3rd Game Is This Video! 

This Game is The Second Game In This Video! 

This Game Was The First One in This Video! 

This Game Was Fun, I Wish It Was A Bit Longer! This Game Is The Third Gameplay Of The Video!

This Game Is The Second Gameplay Of The Video! I LOVED The Message In This Game! KEEP GOING GUYZ!

I Had Fun With This Game While It Lasted! First Game Of The Gameplay

Thanks For Making Another One! I Had Fun Again!

I had fun Looking At The Graffiti! A Fun Creepy Game 

I Had Fun Playing This Game! The White Circle Mechanic Was Creative And New !

Thanks For Making The Game! Definitely Looking Forward To Whats Next! 

I had Fun Playing This Game ! I Wish It Was Longer ! 

I'll Definitely Be Here For Part 2! 

I Think The Game Bugged Out On Me :( But It Was Interesting While It Worked!