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Enrico Andreuccetti

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Yes, absolutely. I can see it in the page, even from an Anonymous Connection.

Hi, one of the game devs here. Do you see any file attached to the page?

Looks amazing, especially the position of the available moves on the sides. Good job, guys

Thank you so much for the feedback. You're not the first one to tell us that... let's say that we'll keep it in mind. Thanks, in the meantime. :

Lamentamos que no te haya gustado, estamos arreglando un par de cosas que tal vez te puedan interesar. ¿Quieres contarnos lo que no te gustó? Gracias, en cualquier caso, cualquier comentario es bueno.

YES: Nice flow, the music is amazing.

NO: the title doesn't really mean anything in the game's context, movement feel really slow in relation to the environment.

NICE TO HAVE: making one tetramine exlode makes every other tetramine immediately close to it explode?

Nice touch with the option menu. :)