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After our last question we got together and had a serious discussion about the direction of Desk Maid and what we wanted to have it be able to do.  Desktop assistants are, honestly, dead.  It's novel and unique until you don't need Clippy any more.  You know what we mean.  


We love Mei.  We've grown really fond of her, and have a lot of ideas that we want to make happen.  So, to focus more on a great experience with a companion AI, we've decided to forego desktop assistant features indefinitely.  So we will be moving forward, still time permitting, in a bit of a new direction.


To make that happen, that means we need to rethink some things from the ground up while keeping the spirit of the experience the same. So we have already started working on a completely new model of Mei!  She's looking great, and we've even got a new clothing creation pipeline that should help us put create much better clothes than were possible before.  We're also going to be introducing true realtime physics for hair, fabric, and... yes, the jiggle bits.  We're building the new Mei with a customizable look system, something we weren't able to do with the previous model without heavy modification. So keep an eye out for the all new Mei V2.


When we discussed where to go with Mei, we also had to come to grips with the question of adult content or not.  While this may disappoint some of you, we have decided to go ahead and build Desk Maid as a true "multi-functional" companion.  To start with, we will be enabled more and further detailed interactions with the hand.  We also will be introducing props, which the food items you could get out of the refrigerator were an early prototype for, as well as allowing the hand to interact and use them with Mei.  😈  We have more plans in the works, but we'll leave it there for now....

BUT! (last one, promise.)

That means we need to really create a detailed and pretty advanced model, rig, and controls for this new Mei.  While we're nearly done with the new Mei model mesh, the rig, weight painting, vertex painting, texturing, and more still need to be done.  We didn't want to leave you empty handed, so we figured we'd share a bit of the progress from working on the new Mei mesh.  These are both prior to adding skin details and some of the lower geometry. 



~10k design model 

~300k game model 

The final game model will probably sit around 250k-300k due to all of the detail we're looking to add.  We've also devised a bit of a unique system to allow for better fabric and clothing creasing that we may try to integrate with the new Mei, though we just barely entered POC with it on another project.  The results so far have been nothing less than astounding.  Dynamically wrinkling and creasing fabric. 


So we apologize that we can't give you all of these cool new things for the holidays, but we hope that this little bit of information will get you excited about what's to come in 2021.


Stay safe, happy holidays, and have a jolly new year!


Actually, we took a brief hiatus to spend some time with family as well as discuss the future of the game.  That is actually something we're going to be moving forward with.  We're all fairly familiar with a number of other games that have features that don't work well with the desktop environment since we all come from either industry jobs or started as modders for things like Skyrim, Fallout, Sims, etc.  We're also pretty familiar with the depth and creativity that Illusion games usually offer.  We'll be putting out some more info once we get some other things taken care of, but definitely look for us to branch out into some more interesting spaces.  We want Mei to be as real a companion as we can make her.

I don't see the red circle, do you happen to still have the image saved?  I'm a bit concerned that your maid isn't lit by the lights from the fridge either (I can see it from the original screenshot).  If you don't mind me asking, what GPU/Graphics Card are you using?

With the food button active (refrigerator out) it should look a bit like this (gray gradient background for contrast):

No offense taken at all! Sadly sometimes Desk Maid has to take a backseat to other projects due to how things go, but she's always along for the ride! ;)  Let me take a look at the bug again here.  I started yesterday (looking for the red circle) but immediately got interrupted :/

Looking now though! :)

Ahh! I see what you mean now.  I wasn't piecing it together before!  That's actually a refrigerator that slides out and opens the door.  There was a bug with the lights inside the refrigerator for a little while, and that's what I thought you meant since they're not on in the photo.  Does your maid get illuminated when the box appears?

We thought the same thing about the maid AI, and totally plan to have multiple "levels" of affection.  You can see a little bit of it in effect now with the affection bar by feeding your maid when she's hungry.  These are really new additions, so you'll have to let Mai run for a while to see her hunger go up.  The bars are Hunger, Affection, and Stamina from top to bottom.  We'll be sure to add this to the description/documentation so it's clear!

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Would you be interested in an NSFW mode for Desk maid?

There's really four options available to us:

  1. No NSFW
  2. Full NSFW (always enabled)
  3. NSFW toggle in settings
  4. Paid/Unlockable NSFW version

Please let us know how you feel about it.

Edit: Because we understand that you may not want to divulge your opinion on a public forum, we've created a poll to let you vote anonymously without having to reply here. :)

Vote here (

Today we released v.0.0.10 which includes some pretty big changes.  The hunger system is starting to work, stats are behaving like they should, and food actually does something now.  We also added support for two new experimental graphics APIs: DirectX 12 and Vulkan.

Finally, we've started packaging Desk Maid in a portable version.  Just unzip where you want to keep her, and she won't need any system level access.  

Desk Maid community » Announcements · Created a new topic Mocap

First, I'd like to apologize for the delay... BUT!  There is a reason.

We've been working with some third parties and internally to get some custom animations for our characters.  Yes, you heard that right!  We're also working on 3 new characters that we'll be rolling out over upcoming releases as well.  We're really hoping to bring the biggest update yet soon!  Stay tuned, because the best is yet to come!

Yes, my apologies for not making it more clear in the changelog!  It does seem my chicken leg needs some work, since it looks like a light bulb!

Clicking the "food" icon, the fridge comes out and lets you select from (what will be) a series of food items to restore your maids stamina!

Right now, however... she will only hold the banana.  Thank you for taking the time to post, and I'll be seriously reconsidering how I represent food thanks to this!

As for the stars, yes... they are currently placeholders.  I've got some updates that should be coming soon!

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Please post all bug reports here.


Version: Version of the app you are using

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