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Hi, I liked your character, but when I give him to play, he is dead.
How can I solve that?

Hola, me gustó tu personaje, pero cuando le doy para que juegue, él está muerto.
¿Cómo puedo resolver eso?

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Hi, thanks for your answer, do you know how I can eliminate the ultras of a character?
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Hello, is there any guide on how to change every thing in the ultras? I would like to do an ultra for a character.that causes the range of melee to increase.

Hello, I want to edit the sprites of the game but I do not know with what program, do you help me?

Hi, I really liked your mod.
"4 skin pack"
the problem is that I do not know anything about how to install mods in "NTT", could you give me some instructions on how to install this mod from the beginning ?.
pd_google translator