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Super cute! I love Alicia and her dialogue and Beaford being a weeb! Hope you can continue their adventures!

I love the polished step up from Dr. Frank's Build a Boyfriend! The animations are cute and bouncy, and the voices, similar to Animal Crossing speak, doesn't feel out of place in this cute RPG adventure game. The whole cast's wholesome (except Ratmir) and the replayability is worth getting all the endings. You can tell Heiden carefully crafted this game's story and mechanics from start to finish. Also Borislav and Mirche are adorable together! Definitely recommend for anyone who wants a quirky adventure that's deeper than it looks, surrounded by a colorful cast of characters and adorable mlm protagonists.

Hi! Sorry for the late reply. To use items, click on the red tassel button the left top corner and it should show a array of boxes. When you collect an item, it should appear in one of the boxes. Then you click and drag the item onto a person or object on the screen.

Oh wow, thanks!! We're super glad you had a fun experience! <33 Thanks for playing!!

Thanks!! Sorry about the lack of Mac version ><;; after some testing, we'll be able to release a Mac version soon!

Thanks!!! X'DD


CONGRATS I can'ttt wait to replay this game again ;u;