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This was so fun to play! I liked that we can customize Ash's gender and pronouns too. All of the characters were lovable but Rafael was such a sweetheart. I got all of the endings except number 3 because I can't seem to figure out how to get it. The art was also really pretty and it's great that we can customize the main menu background too. This is a pretty solid game and it helped me get through a tough time. So thank you for this, can't wait for more! I'll be sure to check out your other games too because I'm sure they'll be as great. Lots of love! <333

This was fun and the concept of it is unique. I've been reading a lot about  dreams and astral projection lately so I just had to play this. I really liked Eileen and Jane's friendship and Caleb was so sweet. I played all of the endings and the one with Phobetor struck me the most. It seemed like such a miserable fate lol even if it was a good(?) ending. Overall, it was pretty fun although short.

The art was so pretty and I actually related to Imre a lot. I like her character very much and the plot was really nice too.

This is a pretty solid game and I just adore everything about it. All of the characters are lovable and they all have their own motivations for their actions. I'm quite surprised that a lot of people do not like Rama because I absolutely loved him. I truly cared for him, felt for him, and I feared FOR him instead OF him. Mitra is adorable and Reksa is hot ngl but everything about Rama was just...hauntingly beautiful. I loved all of the endings, and yes even the bad ones, because they were all realistic. The go home ending was also heart-warming.

I play a lot of otome games and I can definitely say that this is a stand out and one that I'll remember. I was curious about the culture since I live in Southeast Asia myself and was delighted when I recognized the fruits and some of the traditions. The only minor thing that I had problems with were the sound effects since some tend to be loud while some were faint. Other than that, this is a really good game with beautiful art and exceptional writing! Thank you for this and I hope you continue to make more! Much love <3

I can say that this is hands down the best I've played so far. The art is beautiful and the plot and characters were so well-written. Each route was unique even if they tell the same story. The choices you make are important and really has an impact to the story as a whole. Karma is best boy but I also fell in love with Varg. This made me laugh and cry. I can't wait to play some more!

This was so good !! It made me laugh a lot of times especially because of the random ass dialogues and background music. Diya is the cutest and I heavily relate to her. This game is fun and yet it also brought up a lot of issues and topics that teens experience as well.