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Yeah, it kind of "pains" me not having time to finish the other details I wanted the game to have, but well, maybe someday I'll remember to do it...

It's likely going to be a long time until I get enough time to participate in another jam, but thanks a lot for your Linux advice 😄

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When it comes to beating this, I. Am not. The guy.

And I'm just saying this because I'm so bad at this game :-(

Kudos for connecting IWBTG with this marvelous video (which seems to keep coming back to put a smile on our faces)!

Oh, thanks a lot for your feedback 😄

I wish I could have had some more time for polishing, but I could't find more time back then :-(

And, oh, did the Linux build actually work? I didn't test it 😱

Oh, thanks a lot :-DD

Oh, thanks a lot, now I could actually beat level 3 and the last two levels :-)

As I said, great work :-D

This one is amazing! I've never seen a 3D-snake game, as far as I know. Congrats :-D!

It's such a great and beautiful game! The aesthetic and music are superb :-)

Sadly, I'm stuck on level 3 before "woo, let's go!" too :-(