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Hi! Thanks for the tip and for having tried our game out! Your contest seems very cool and your mission of supporting the indie community is admirable, to say the least. Unfortunately, we're just at the beginning of a really tough semester at the university, so realistically it may be difficult for us to jump into another project right now. But anyway, thanks again for the hint, we will keep it in mind for the next GDWC edition!

Hi there and thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, the current build was only made available for Windows, but we are soon releasing it also for macOS. Sorry for the inconvenience, we have a really boring technical explanation, but don't know if you're really that interested. Anyway, we'll let you know as soon as we publish it!

Hi! I'm Gabriele from the developement team. Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are now releasing a new 1.1 build with some improvements (e.g. checkpoints and some additional visual effects), so if you're interested please check it out!

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Hi Jar_Red! I'm Gabriele from the team. First of all, thanks for your support. It is our first attempt to make something which looks like a game, so please be patient ahaha.  We're soon releasing a new build with minor bug fixes and a simple checkpoint system, in order not to restart again from the beginning each time the player gets caught by the monsters.  Thanks again and keep it up!