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Did you enjoy it overall? 

Yes! This was suuuuch a cute VN!! I really enjoyed it, despite it being so short hehe. ><

- What was your favorite part? I absolutely adored the sprite artwork and the storyline for Carver! ^^ <3
- What parts could be improved upon? In all honesty, i was really looking forward to CG artwork but I was a tad bit disappointed, I assume I was already so used to the artwork done for the sprites that I was hoping for something similar? But it's minor and doesn't exactly affect my gameplay so you shouldn't take it to heart to much.. hehe 
- Who was your favorite character? Carver was my favorite! Though on terms of character design, I'd have to go with Ginger! She was absolutely adorable, though her character could be a bit... much at times.
- Would you like to see more games from Gourmet Visual? I would love to see more games from you all! I had a wonderful time playing, and look forward to trying out the rest and any other future games! <3

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