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Yuuto Kuranashi

A member registered Aug 15, 2022

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You like 420 jokes huh ;)

I'm talking about 4.20$ and 42mb game file

You have a sense of humor

Nokia snake but better

It's really beautiful bro. I hope you'll see that birb again.

İ downloaded this but it doesnt worked because my pc is really bad. İ'll try to fix that.

At the left, there is a button named "info". Click it. İt gives tips for getting farther in your relationship with any character

Note: if you are on 5th level with Casey (or any character), you need to wait for next update.

Give info about your computer

İf you wait a little without touching anything it starts.

Trust me i played it on the worth pc. (İntel Celeron 1.5 GHz with 8gb ram)