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Yuuto Katsuki

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Anytime ^^

Also I don't really know how much percent is done of the update. But I'd say...40-50%?

I didnt really give it much thought of when the game is set. But the sequel wont be much later than several months after the end of golden age

Currently I don't accept donations. And as for programming, I'd wait till you get used to it first, since I'm currently all good with it for now. But I still appreciate your help ^^

I really appreciate it! Any help can make a difference. What would be your best skill for helping developing this game? :)

Thanks! Doing what we can ^^

Doubtful. Tried that several times but didnt quite fit in the end. Also its too difficcult for me to do currently

Glad you love it :D

Glad you love it ^^

I really don't know when the continuation will come out since I first have the update to deal with, which already takes a long while. Only information I can give is, it will take a LONG time till part 2 is out

Anytime ^^

Sure, use anything you want ^^

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Chinese won't come. Only stays in English.

And thank you for translating.

Like...holy shit...I'm sad AF that I dont have money, or neither have an opportunity to meet the real springy...😂

First, glad you love my game this much :D

Second: You REALLY gonna build these in real life!? 😮

English please...^^'

Awesome! :D

Working on it ;)

Been a while yeah. Progress is slow yeah, but at least we are doing...something...XD

The nose is a small difference yeah, but a needed change on top. Small differences can be big


As for your question: None that come to my mind now at least :/

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That is indeed really strange...

Thanks X)

Yeah thats what I'm trying, but it's far easier said than done unfortunetly. Especially if RL slows you down...

I will eventually when the update is maybe closer for release XD

Yeah, but right now at least I cannot do that, because I have no paypal yet

alright, you could give me your discord ID since I'd like to keep mine private as best as possible to avoid hundreds of friend requests ^^'

thanks 😁

If I don't forget when the time comes and the artist of mine can't do it, I can come back here and ask for your help :)

I just hope I wont forget because it will be a LONG time till then

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One of my artists is actually quite good at this stuff, so he could also help me out there if really needed

But thank you for your offer reguardless :D

Thanks 😁

Thanks :D

I'm hyped for the results as well. And thanks for motivating me and my team :D

Yeah, but you know how much little differences can matter

I never really know, but I fear not this year anymore, but I'll try at least. But doing the H-scenes will tale a long time...

But it's long overdo.

same here lmfao

lmao thanks XDD

finally someone who like it XD

currently 19:45

Sorry to hear that. But I don't like to leave things half-baked like many others do apparently

Thanks. I have :)

First: I hate pareon to the core. Second: I don't have anything of that sort of thing yet. Maybe someday in the future, but in form of your choice, not forced like most people tend to do.