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DM me on instagram and I’ll try to help you! 

Falling Star by Dar Golan :>

Thank you!!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed :> <3

Not yet :( 

Thank you!

I’m glad you liked it! I’ll make longer games in the future :>

I used RPG maker vx ace :> 

You’re very kind, ty!

Thank you for playing!! 

Thank you so much for playing! :’) <3

Tysm for playing!

I love your commentary, subscribed! 

Tysm for playing!! ^_^

Ah crap!! Thank you ;-; I’ll fix it right away! 

I’m glad you liked it :> Thanks for playing! 

Tysm for playing!! :>

Thank you for playing! :>

Oh no! I’m not sure what the problem is :( try re-downloading and if it doesn’t work, send me a dm on instagram and ill try my best to help.  

Thank you so much for playing! My next game will be much longer for sure :>

Thank you so much for playing aaaaa !!!

Thanks for playing!! 

Thank you for playing! ^_^


I used RPG Maker Vx Ace, its basically made for games like this :> it’s very easy to use, so just look up some tutorials and you’ll get the hang of it!

It’s okay!! you don’t, haha. 

Press X on your keyboard :> I should include that in the controls-

Thank you so much for playing!  Watching this made ME cry dude :’)